December 1st, 2011

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A great editor leaves newspapers

A letter to a former co-worker and editor:

Ah, Mr. A,

I'm sorry to learn you're leaving the newspaper, but I speculate it's for the best.

Newspapers aren't what they were. I don't get the impression most want to move effectively to new media without sacrificing quality. Behemoths struggling to survive. It's all about maintaining as much of a profit as possible or squeezing out as much of a refund on their losses come tax time. I haven't been following newspapers much since leaving, but it would be fun to see a paper completely transform itself within a short period of time. Included in that would be to take on the non-profit model. Ever since I started in newspapers, I believed this was the path to take, but papers were already deeply entrenched in the for-profit mode.

You were always great to work with, especially because you cared so passionately. I can't imagine you won't find success in your new endeavors.


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