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Bush lovers might want to not read this ...

To whom do I really need to tell these ideas who doesn't already realize their potential actualization?

We, the minions of the U.S., are doomed.

The beginning of the U.S.' downfall most likely started well before George W. Bush became president, yet all that he has done in his short history in office has quickened the downfall of our country, taking the once upper middle class, middle class, poor and homeless with it.

Look to history, and you will see. I will not cite any.

Our country had been founded on keeping church and state separate, yet they are most intertwined today.

Our people are crippled by overstimulation, too many choices, dependence on the material world and perhaps, too much free time. Free time, we cannot handle, so we burden ourselves with too many activities, filling up the void we lost when we turned to the external world for approval, reassurance, affirmation.

We're deep in debt -- citizens, like their country -- with no hope for solvency.

So disconnected from ourselves and our communities' needs, we work to live.

Working to live with no sense of pride in one's own workmanship, individuals make mistakes, huge ones. Quality is down throughout all industries and fields.

We are quick to take legal action; insurance goes up.

Big box stores move into town forcing small neighborhood stores to either evolve or shut down.

Conglomerates and medium-sized companies move their operations to Mexico or overseas, where labor is cheap, quality is better.

All of these issues induce fear, a quality our government wants us to feel intensely. If we feel such intense fear over a long period of time, we will continue to look outside ourselves for safety, reassurance, hope for a better future ... a hero to cling to who will lead us to sanctuary and tranquility. Even if this "hero" leads us in the less than altruistic direction.

We people of this nation see what is happening, yet either don't want to face the truth of our future or are too disabled to do/say anything. Others are either in denial, blindly following Bush, or are in a position of great benefit.

Change isn't easy. Especially, devastating change of such magnitude.

It's the great shift of the yin and yang. The pendulum -- held high so long in one direction can't help but feel the weight of gravity, the forces of nature -- seeks balance and stability.

Our world is changing; our entire world.

We humans don't know how things will balance out in the end, yet we must know we minions of the U.S. will not be the fortunate.

However, we may be the blessed, fore we will finally be fully faced with our own destructive and devastating reality enough so to wake up and hopefully, reconnect with what is truly important.

Sorry, the thoughts above are disjointed, not fully conveyed and lacking passion. This is a rough draft I hope to develop. Right now I'm still feeling too much to function at my fullest. But what I've written above is true from my heart and mind.


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May. 22nd, 2005 08:28 pm (UTC)
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