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The following email is from a high school classmate of mine.
So I know it is not a hoax.
This email reiterates what we've been reading in the news,
hearing on public radio and on public television.

If you love -- or even just like -- these forms of media, please contact your legislators.


Dear fellow Willies:

To spare you having to scroll to the bottom of this long message to see
who sent it, I'm Ms. E ('82). For the past 8+ years,
I've worked at KERA, Dallas-Fort Worth's public TV and radio station,
and am now the station's Web Coordinator. I hope you'll forgive this
form letter, and my using the WNS alumni directory to contact folks I've
totally lost contact with - but we are trying to get the word out on
this issue to as many people as possible. Please feel free to reply
with rants, thanks, or whatever - but:

Please let your Representatives and Senators know how you feel about
funding for public broadcasting.

On June 9, 2005, the U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee voted to
eliminate $220 million - or 45 percent - of previously approved federal
funding of public broadcasting.

Specifically, this House Subcommittee is proposing to rescind $100
million from FY 2006 funds appropriated to the Corporation for Public
Broadcasting (CPB), plus eliminate the Ready To Learn program,
completely cut funding for public broadcasting's digital transition, and
totally eliminate funding for the renewal of public television's
satellite interconnection system.

The impact of these cuts would be drastic. They will severely impact
public radio and television's ability to provide educational, cultural
and informational programming throughout the nation, including in your

Please take the time to call your local member of Congress and to weigh
in on these actions regarding federal funding for public broadcasting.
We believe the public can and should be heard on this critical issue,
because it will determine how public broadcasting stations will be able
to serve their communities in the future. This is an urgent request. The
full House may vote on this issue next Wednesday, June 22, so it is
important that you act immediately.

Locally controlled public radio and television stations across the
country are valued institutions providing local service and outreach
that extends well beyond the television screen. For example, at KERA,
our Ready To Learn outreach program provides in-person demonstrations to
teachers and parents on how to use public television's award-winning,
educational, non-violent children's programs as tools to get
pre-schoolers ready for school. We provide the first books - without
charge - to young children in economically deprived communities, and
help them learn how to read them. We provide educational outreach
programs, as well, for older children, based on public TV specials and
series. KERA produces local television and radio programs, which provide
valuable analysis of local issues, as the only independent, locally
owned and operated station in North Texas. We are the source for
in-depth coverage of local elections, with a history of providing
debates, and opportunities for candidates to talk in detail about their
issues, rather than ten-second sound bites. Your local public
broadcasting station provides similar services to your community.
These are all services and programs that are not now, never have been,
and never will be provided by commercial television stations, because
they are not financially profitable. This is all part of the mission of
public broadcasting stations to serve their local communities.
Television and radio are too powerful to be used solely for
entertainment and to bring eyeballs to advertisements. Their immense
educational potential has hardly been tapped. The era of digital
television and radio, which are just beginning gives this nation, once
again, an opportunity to expand the use of public media for educational

This is not a hoax or an ancient email making the rounds once again.

This is happening right now. For more information, you can visit the
Association of Public Television Stations site

I urge you to contact your representative and senators to let them know
where you stand on this issue. Thanks for taking the time to read this
lengthy message.

Ms. E ('82)
KERA 13 / KERA 90.1 FM
Dallas-Fort Worth


Jun. 16th, 2005 02:14 am (UTC)
interesting. ive been seeing it in a few places too. im normally a big activist with different things, but i havent really been sending anything out for the last few weeks........


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