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new phone home idea

You all might recall, I've been researching all kinds of ideas for ways our family can communicate with my mom ... she being unable to asnwer her own phone ... it being too far away, too heavy, too complicated to figure out.

The phone, in all of its forms (that I know of), are outta the question ... for now.

I have a dream phone in mind. It's close to existing, but not yet.


new idea:

ichat av!!

She can see us. We can see her. And she can have (hopefully) a laptop chained to her hospital tray table and be online 24/7.

We have to test out the idea. How will she handle the computer? Answer the "calls?" Possibly initiate calls/invites to chat vocally with visual display. And will her nurses/cnas do some assisting when needed?

For one: I have to get an iBook or PowerBook (smallest monitor) and iSight webcam for mom ... weeeeeee ... but if we have to find success or definite failure within 21 days ... then return these lovely specimens.

success! success!

think positively.

For two: Each family member/household has to get their own webcams/icams/whatever they're called. Not a problem, but at least one family only uses a dial-up connection. Oh, boy. Got TV cable? Then get internet cable, Kids: The two are cheaper together!

Other possible problem/snafu everyone else uses PC Windows computers. Compatibility issues ... I've heard nasty rumors ... but only from people who aren't tech-saavy.

success! success!

think positively.

Hey! It may be a crazy idea, but this is the closest we've come to eliminating that "cut-off" feeling the family is experiencing.

thoughts? comments? ideas? opinions?

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