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behind the times ...

One of our local malls is opening an Apple Store Saturday, and earlier today the mall's website, had no announcement of the Apple Store opening.

Hello! What planet are they on?

Definitely, not the internet planet.

Here's my letter to them, and following, their response:

nancy speaks:
Hey, it's less than six days before The Apple Store opens at Woodland Mall,
and I'm not seeing any hype on this website.

Wouldn't the news be in the "What's New" section? All I see is either, look
here for what's new happening at Woodland; or information on the new
multiplex movie theater that could be opening in November ... that's about
four and a half months away.

I don't mean to be negative, but The Apple Store opening in Woodland Mall
is very exciting news.



big mall speaks back:
Hi Nancy.

In regards to new store listings on the Woodland website, we post
information in accordance with our stores corporate offices. There is
certain information that we need to have in order to introduce information
on the website. The Apple Store listings will be posted ASAP.

Thanks for your response.

Woodland Mall

woodland mall

Yea! Just checked out that mall's website. Now not only do they have an announcement of The Apple Store opening on their front page, but they also list the apple store in their directory!

Why do i have to be the one to make this happen?

ok, quit complaining. your goal was attained. move on.

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