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dream this morning

An hour or two before waking today, I had a long ongoing dream, which was quite fun:

It started out that I was asked to be Princess Diana's personal driver ... for any type of automobile ... car, limo, entourage bus ... and accepted the job.

After a while, the powers that be decided I was doing more than an excellent job, and promoted me to Diana's personal assistant.

Of course, I was a bit nervous ... it didn't help that I got the impression Diana didn't really like me ... tolerable, I may have been for her.

When I started my duties as her personal assistant, she was no longer Princess Diana, but another princess from a small, remote country.

This princess was my own age (in reality, so was Diana, though Diana was perhaps more mature in my own perception), and we hit it off right away.

The very first day I performed personal assistant duties for her, I received more rave reviews.

This princess liked me so much, she decided on the next day that she would command everyone out of the house, including her parents.

She planned a relaxing tea party and day amongst the grounds and nature for the two of us plus her best friend.

We had a delightful time, laughing and being silly and venturing out into nature on her castle grounds. The grounds were so beautiful: green and lush.

The main castle was a traditional stone from the medieval times, I believe, and the grounds were forest and meadows and a lake AND located at one end of the Syracuse University campus (where I went for my undergraduate degree).

Being a part of SU's campus is no big deal, unless one is interpreting the dream's locale. The Syracuse campus is a popular venue in my dreams.

Though overall it was a positive dream, there was a momentary bit where I didn't perform up to the level the princess expected of me ... the chasing of some wild animal. She teased a bit, but it might not have meant much.

The neat part of the dream was that the three of us were having a delightful and carefree day in a beautiful venue and natural setting. I felt really good about it. Plus, it was neat to hang out with someone of such importance and feel so comfortable.



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Jul. 18th, 2005 12:51 am (UTC)
Any dream of mine that contained the campus of SU would be a nightmare.
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