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Three plus days into our vacation

Vacation is going pretty well so far.

:: knocks on wood ::

As you all know, the first day I hung out here. Very fun.

Had a reunion with some people I haven't seen for ten years. I felt like a giddy puppy. "Squirrel on a double-espresso ..." .... ms. waning'.

The couple who brought all of us together needs to be a separate post someday.

I purchased my mom's webcam and an iSight for me.

I feel soooo indulgent.

This experiment better work.

Got Mom's webcam hooked up. Mom and I had some fun playing with the AV features.

Tonight, I will do a test-run between both platforms to get the audio and video working in PC. Thankfully, there's a guy in Florida who knows all about this stuff, and we can test the AV in both directions.

:: knocking on wood, again ::

Last night, Mr. F insisted on treating me to a movie on the big screen.
We saw, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

It was very good, but I still love the original with Gene Wilder and the original Veruka.
Many pros/cons on these two versions ... another post?

• Mr. F and I hope to clean up the house to a presentable level.
I've done a bit already. I'm into it!

• Feel like replying to you all and others.

• Do I need to repeat tonight's AV test-run? repeat in telling you, hopefully, not in retesting.

:: knocks on wood ::


goodness, i hope i didn't bore you all to death. Was trying to hit the highlights.


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Aug. 31st, 2005 12:02 am (UTC)
Didn't bore me to death at all! I'm glad you're having a good time and I hope it continues!
Sep. 2nd, 2005 05:26 am (UTC)
slowed down a bit today ... but still productive.

the extreme cleaning attack has been done in tiny -- very tiny -- segments.

gotta chill some.
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