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Brain Gym

Here is a response I made to someone
inquiring about Brain Gym (slightly edited):

Have to admit it's been quite awhile since I've done all the Brain Gym exercises on a regular basis. Here and there will do one ... one of the basic five mainly.

However, when I was practicing BG faithfully over a long period of time ... year and a half? two? it was extremely beneficial.

I've repeated BG101 a couple of times, but am not interested in teaching it.

Share the idea? Absolutely. The exercises are excellent.

Have helped others with relaxing and focusing prior to big events. And they have noted a difference ... feeling more relaxed, confident, et. al.

One dramatic change witnessed: Went to the eye doctor and not only did my prescription improve by one level, my peripheral and depth of field vision tested as that of a 19-year-old. My eye doctor was amazed, and asked me what I was doing to make such improvements. It was the brain gym.

Your inquiry is one more "sign" that I need to get back to doing the exercises on a regular basis.

Good luck to you, and thank you for reminding me of BG's importance in all of our lives.

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