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house dream

this morning, i had a dream about our old house.

i've lived in this house many years, even in real life.

yet for the first time, i realized that practically a whole wall in our bedroom had completely crumbled apart and deteriorated leaving only the window frame.

i kept thinking to myself, “Why couldn't i see this before? this is a seriously huge hole to the outside world.”

the deteriorated wall wasn't noticeable all the time or from different views. it was the wall along the doorway entrance, so it's understandable that it would go unnoticed. our focus would be on getting into the room, which would show the other walls.

but this was the wall opposite to our bed. we would be facing it if sitting up in bed.

how could we miss it?

no wonder we're freezing in the wintertime.

our neighbor's house was feet from this "wall."

you could see straight through to their house. it was this beautiful, perfect, modern-style multi-split level home with tons of windows and gorgeous gardens.

through their windows, you could see them in their house preparing for one of their big parties. smiles on their faces; exchanging laughter.

i tried to make mr. f see this gaping hole, but he wouldn't look or wouldn't recognize its existence.

i literally had to drag him through the crumbled wall straight through to the inside of our neighbor's house, turn him around and have him look at our house from their house.

then i woke up.

one thing about this dream: our neighbors? they were my main editor, Mr. L, and his family.


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