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the switch to PC at work

In our art dept., we've been working on PCs now for three weeks.

It has been an exciting adventure, because I love to try new things.

And that helps to keep my mind open.

It hasn't always been easy.

Sure the keystrokes are different, and going back and forth between the two platforms (here and at work), can bring me to a halt sometimes.

Yesterday evening, I deleted an entire folder of graphics we update on a regular basis. My goal had been to delete only one document in another window.

Our backup system wasn't working properly, so none of these files were backed up.

We do have the published versions in pdf files of all our daily pages. Not too bad at extracting or grabbing the graphic from those.

In many ways, Windows is much like OS X without the visual flair.

Deleting all those files, I'm not sure if it's a huge problem. Someone who no longer works at the paper asked me to keep them all. It would be good to have them for long-range comparisons.

One thing I learned from deleting a whole file:

Make sure which is your active window.

I've changed my color theme to make the active window have a red bar at the top; the none active window a soft brownish yellow.

So the transition has been a little bumpy, but I'm doing all right.
With time, I'll be just as fast on the PC as I am on the Mac.

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