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create more rituals in my life

Rituals affirm one's life

I don’t have many rituals in my life, and I would like to have more. Their time period doesn’t matter … daily, monthly, yearly …

Rituals existing in my life—whether I like them or not:

1) Full-time work ... usually Monday through Friday. I’m an infographics specialist/graphic designer for our local newspaper. This is a rough ritual to have … like everyone who experiences the daily grind. It’s inevitable. It’s what brings money into our home. It also can be a very exciting and fulfilling experience.

2) Friday morning breakfast with my love. My husband and I have been eating our breakfast at a restaurant all but one or two Fridays since we’ve been dating. It’s our little treat to ourselves. And it’s something we look forward to doing each week.

3) Spend time with Mom on Sunday. Most times, we take her out to dinner, but sometimes I bring a video and watch it with her or I try to engage her in some small project. As much as I enjoy spending time with my mother, it’s difficult for me to leave the house. I really enjoy lounging around in my pajamas wandering aimlessly from one spark to the next.

4) There are the daily mundane rituals like brushing one’s teeth upon waking and before going to sleep. But these types of rituals aren’t what I’m talking about.

Those are all the rituals I can think of that are pretty much embedded into my life.

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