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being more productive at work

my new boss has said he wants me to be more productive … or in his words: “to work faster.”

Being an anxious person naturally, I have become accustomed to working slowly, because it reduces stress.

Because of this, when I work I get into that zone or state of mind where time passes quickly and I’m relaxed.

Working faster I can do; however, it does mess with the stress factor much of the time. Other times, I can handle the faster pace. Depends on the project.

I am getting better … mainly because our boss is gradually upping all of our work loads.

Switching platforms (from Mac to PC) has slowed down my abilities to pump things out quickly and stay in that relaxed zone. It’s getting better with time.

This week has been a bit frantic, because not only was my work load larger, but I had some character-building projects. Projects I’ve shyed away from in the past … or took way too much time to do.

Things are going to work out. Our new boss has an awesome strategy. Before we all know it, we’ll be working faster, producing more, creating more character-building projects and existing in the zone.

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