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practice "Happiness Manifesto" daily

Discovered this small, yet pithy credo, last night after hearing about it last year.

The link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/lifestyle/tv_and_radio/making_slough_happy/manifesto.shtml
The experts by behind "Happiness Manifesto": http://www.bbc.co.uk/lifestyle/tv_and_radio/making_slough_happy/experts.shtml

What an awesome concept … “Happiness Manifesto.”

My goal for joining this group, like you all, is to be more content consistently and bring healthier habits into my life.

Looking over the Manifesto habits/practices, there is at least one habit I’ve got nailed down:

6. Smile at and/or say hello to a stranger: At least once a day. Absolutely geniune and spontaneous on my part.

The rest I need to work on.

3. Talk time: Have an hour-long uninterrupted conversation with your partner each week. My husband and I talk, but sitting down formally and really talking to each other, we need to work on. We also have a ton of quiet time … partially b/c of No. 5, partially, b/c we might be reading or working on separate projects.

5. Cut your TV viewing by half. My husband and I don’t watch much TV; however, we do watch a lot of movies and we spend a lot of time on our own computers. We definitely could halve our time doing these similar activities.

As of late I overindulge 9. Every day make sure you give yourself a treat, though don’t usually take time to really enjoy it.

The rest I could definitely implement. Ironically, I started the “be healthier” team, and have yet to consistently exercise a minimum three days a week (including yoga).

Because of this lack of serious movement on my behalf in the “be healthier” team, tomorrow I plan to offer a Team Challenge as a part of my weekly check-in. We all could use a boost; bring our activity up a level.

For me, practicing the “Happiness Manifesto” daily seems like an excellent tie-in to wanting to “be healthier.”

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