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Some things I can do for free:


1) Read books in our personal library, we haven’t read yet. We have enough of them.

2) Borrow CDs from the library. (I shy away from borrowing books, because I’m a slow reader. Can only check out books so many times.)

3) Take long walks with my love.

4) Sing to anyone who seems responsive.

5) Sketch out and design home ideas using pencil and paper. Make a competition out of it with my husband.

6) Spend time with Mom, talking, listening, relaxing.

7) Write stories, long and short.

8) One way of learning a foreign language: Listen to internet talk radio. My favorite is radioradicale, an Italian station.

9) Cuddle with my love.

10) Cuddle/play with our endearing kitty kwat, Portia.

11) That thing you do with your spouse. :: blush ::

12) Go dumpster diving for prime stuff others have tossed. Must be clean.

13) Spend more time in nature.
14) Go ice skating at Rosa Parks outdoor rink once it opens. Even though they won’t let me skate the way I can and feel the urge to do.
15) Initiate spending time with my friends whom I haven’t really seen much of since Mom got sick.
16) Get my fingers dirty working in the garden. We have enough plants which need to be thinned and transplanted into other parts of our garden.
17) Do BrainGym exercises on a regular basis. When I was doing them regularly, I was feeling better in many ways.
18) Meditate on a regular basis. This can be a part of BrainGym or in addition to it. It will help me to relax more.
19) Give more people five-minute card readings. It’s fun, and many people are open to it.
20) Dance and sing more at home. The dancing might amuse Mr. F; the singing he has grown tired of.

21) Continue spontaneously making up songs and singing them with/to/without Mr. F. As long as I’ve known my husband, this is one of his favorite things to do. It’s contagious.
22) Show my husband how much I love and adore him through my actions.
23) Show my husband how much I love and adore him through my words.
24) People watch at/in some public space.
25) Write in my journal all the things that really make me happy.
26) Write in my journal when I’m really angry.
27) Take a tennis racket to our dumpy couch and whack out existing anger and frustration. Yell a two or three word phrase reapeatedly while during this action.
28) Clean/organize/declutter one room a month. It will be a fun space to hang out in.
29) Play board games with Mr. F and friends.
30) Clean my neighbors’ sidewalks of snow … and maybe leaves.

31) Volunteer for my favorite charity of the moment.
32) Learn to speak/read/understand German and Italian using all the tools I currently have.
33) Work on my current 43 goals listed at 43things.
34) Cut my own hair.
35) Think for myself.
36) Come up with creative solutions/ideas that can be utilized by others or just me.
37) See the reality in a situation, whether it is something small and close by or much greater than my little circle of existence.
38) Lose weight.
39) Write my congressmen about legislation of which I am passionate.
40) Take more risks in my work and creative outlets.

41) Trust my intuition, which has a good reality sensor.
42) Not act on feelings when they are intense. Wait it out.
43) Take the stairs at work … up and down.
44) Spend time alone.
45) Enjoy the beauty of our Arts and Crafts style windows, especially when the sun is flooding into the house.
46) Face each one of my fears, and tackle each one to the ground.
47) Continue writing my novel.
48) Make dandelion root tea from the dandelions in our garden.
49) Continue feeding our compost piles, turn them and use their decomposed soil form to nurture the rest of our garden.
50) Regularly sit in a window flooded with sunlight during the winter, so I feel better during the winter.

51) Walk instead of drive to errands close by our house.
52) Drop in on a friend unexpectely … only those whom I know appreciate these little visits.
53) Get manure from either the local riding stables or a co-worker who owns horses. Composts love manure.
54) Clean out the ashes from our fireplace and add them to our compost. Another ingredient composts love.
55) Volunteer at one of the local food kitchens.
56) Donate clothes to the homeless.
57) Make cards/postcards out of old calendars, posters or pieces of wrapping paper too small in which to wrap a gift.
58) Re-use all those plastic bags from the grocery store to hold your current garbage. We have a wire-frame structure that holds these bags very nicely.
59) Re-use all those brown paper bags for recycling or gift-wrapping paper or framing artwork you’ve created.
60) Re-use all that cardboard from empty boxes to create solid frames for the artwork you’ve created.

61) Re-use all that cardboard from empty boxes to create new boxes for packaging new stuff to send.
62) Re-use all those packaging peanuts for new packages to be sent.
63) Use your shredded documents to protect those fragile items in packages you’re preparing to send.
64) Read the books you haven’t read, which are in your personal ibrary.
65) Plant the avocado pit from that eaten avocado and work toward creating an avocado plant from the pit.
66) In our backyard, pile up all the fallen walnuts so the squirrels and other little creatures can gather them more easily for winter.
67. After dark, walk around the neighborhood and look at all the interesting holiday-decorated homes.
68. Take first five yoga classes free at my favorite yoga studio.
69. Participate in the Italian Conversation group at one of our local book stores.
70. Participate in one of the free weekly writers’ groups around town.

71. Join a monthly book-reading group.
72. Help others feel comfortable with who they are.
73. Download free vocal/music scores. (am stealing this idea from sanjana, whom i need to ask what website to go to.)
74. Talk to strangers.
75. Smile at others, ‘cause it usually causes them to smile back.
76. Let those poor telephone customer service representatives know how much I appreciate their help when they do a good job.
77. Let those poor telephone customer services representatives know how much I appreciate their help when it’s evident they are having a tough day.
78. Listen to the radio.
79. Call, and share my opinion on any one of my favorite talk radio shows.
80. Stay cozy and warm under a huge pile o’ blankets when sleeping during the bitterly cold winter.

81. Play a new Sudoku puzzle every day, because our daily newspaper publishes them daily.
82. Walk to and enjoy a diverse group of neighborhood business districts within walking distance from our house. The walk is free and good for the body, mind and spirit.
83. Enjoy watching the spring flowers and tree buds begin to bloom.
84. Enjoy the uplifting scents of some of these blooming flowers and tree buds.
85. Read wonderful entries by some of the truly soulful, passionate, thoughtful people here at 43T.
86. Continue organzing my studio making it a more enjoyable and stress-free place to work/create/have fun.
87. Share my photos at stock.xchng!!
88. Laugh.
89. Improve my architectural plan/drafting/elevation/perspective/axonometric/isometric drawing skills.
90. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

91. Dance more for my mom and her roommate.
92. Dance and sing once a month for the people at my mom’s community.
93. Sing with my friend, Stephen, who plays the piano at various restaurants, bars, etc. It would give me practice singing in public, plus it has been fun in the past.
94. Lead a monthly Brain Gym exercise class for those living at my mom’s place. I don’t have a license to teach, but I know the exercises well enough to share them with those who would simply enjoy the movements.
95. Teach a monthly painting class at my mother’s community.
96. Continue getting to know some of the residents at my mom’s community WITHOUT sacrificing my time with Mom.
97. Fix that wind-up/solar-powered radio and use it.
98. Share my husband’s website, because it is well-executed, pithy and designed with my husband’s unique eye. Not a cookie-cutter type design.
99. Upload more photos to my online journal and here at 43T. … though I struggle with the effort of doing this one. Must get past this.
100. Continue practicing the “Happiness Manifesto,” as long as I feel able. And beyond the two months, when I’m feeling blue, write down five things I’m grateful for that day on the HM team here at 43Things. What a blessing this place (43T) is.


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May. 5th, 2006 02:42 am (UTC)
Wow, awesome list. :)

Something I can finally do in my new place is walk to the post office, the grocery store, and even a good restaurant if I have the money. I love it. Always gets me back on track with my thoughts!
May. 6th, 2006 04:31 am (UTC)
tried responding to your post last night ... our network was slower than molasses ... bizarre.

anyway ... it took a long time to come up with this list.

but it was fun, and now i can look at it when wondering what to do -- and save on mula.
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