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Two weeks in jamaica, circa 1994

Not one for tourist traps ... I was raised in one (Las Vegas) ...
a friend and I decided to go to the more adventurous parts of Jamaica.

We had to fly into Montego Bay. No plans to stay. Immediately, we took
three puddle jumper planes to get to Kingston.

We wanted to spend our time in and around Kingston, and at least the
base of the Blue Mountains.

Our first day, we drove east to a small town along the southern coast
... name escapes me. Stayed there about three days, then headed back to
Kingston. We did some sight-seeing ... Bob Marley's place and some
clubbing and a bit of exploring.

Then we discovered an outdoors "resort" for those who enjoy camping,
hiking, canoeing, etc. It's literally north of Kingston within the foothills.
Forgot the name, but will never forget that place.
The owner was most eccentric, but he had a great place. He
offered gourmet, fresh foods of Jamaica and vegetarian meals. Plus, we
were able to explore the wilderness on our own or with a group (paid). We did go
snorkeling one day along the riffs.

We ended up spending most of our time at this resort, because I got
violently ill. Too adventuresome in my eating, I was told. They
wanted me to go to a hospital. I was delirious and feverish and other
symptoms. B/c of this illness, I discovered drinking fresh coconut
juice right out of the coconut. Medicinal and tasty.

We saw beautiful flora. Climbed hills. Got lost. Met many locals. Had
a wonderful time outside of the illness period.

It was a relaxing, soulful vacation.

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