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may 21, 2006


today i am grateful for:

  • sis3 making sure i got up and made it over to Mom’s to spend sis’s last half hour here before she headed home. I an inclined to want to stay in bed and sleep, especially when going to bed waaaaay too late. We had a really loving good-bye. I will miss her presence.
  • the fruits of getting up early and being at Mom’s: One of Mom’s caregiver’s told me that this morning, Mom was singing Happy Birthday all morning and reminiscing about all the fun she had yesterday. And we all thought she was in a deep sleep!
  • Taking two naps with my love … we’re both solopsists (sp?), so we need primal sleeping without cuddling. during our awake moments, we cuddled. and we were able to sleep in spoon position a couple of times!
  • my husband wanted to venture north to Muskegon to see the Catholic church, St. Francis de Sales, which was built by one of his favorite archtects, Marcel Breuer. It’s a great original design with very odd additions to the front of the building. The main entrance is lost. Entering the sacred space is confusing. We enjoyed circling the structure and then discussing our likes/dislikes. will try to make an effort to show what the present-day church looks like w/addition. my husband shot photo.
  • eating waffles with yogurt (little bit of syrup) for a late dinner and watching the first cut version of “Clerks.”

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