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may 20, 2006


today i am grateful for:

  • eating breakfast with sis3 and my husband at one of our favorite hangouts;
  • sis3 tolerantly entering our pig sty, so we could get her expense report set for reimbursement. it helps me from procrastinating, and it was fun having her hangout in my studio.
  • my husband’s parents driving across the state to help celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday (It’s O.K. to share. I’m not sure my mother will forget after today how old she turned. Everyone told her. I promised her we would celebrate whatever age she wanted to be, and that was 20).
  • sam, a caregiver for my mom, who came to Mom’s party, even though it was her day off. And she helped feed my mom!
  • one of our very talented local singers who brought my mom awake with her charisma, charm and intimate stage presence singing an extended birthday telegram for my mom’s bagel birthday bash. mom gave this woman a tight hand squeeze full of love and appreciation.
  • mom surprising all of us, especially me:
    Mom’s a big fan of Africa and its animals. She has dementia, and was extremely tired today. A difficult combination. My husband and I bought birthday toppers … little African animals … when we picked up the pretty floral birthday cake. Not wanting to ruin the cake’s beauty, I surrounded the cake with the animals. Mom loved those little animals. She took each one and placed it on the cake. As you can see from the above photo, the animals are perfectly placed and appear to be crossing the cake. God, I love my mom. I never thought she could do that. Was it just a moment of brilliance? Of lucidity? Or is it a quality she still has yet we haven’t fostered? I’d like to believe the latter, and encourage her.

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