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last evening with my mom

yesterday at my mom's place was the annual Parents' Appreciation Social.

i went, of course.
though i was on time,
Mom was already sitting in her usual spot.

this surprised me,
'cause she hasn't been leaving her room much.

the activities' director said that she was able
to keep my mom in the dining room,
because mom had been there for dinner.

makes sense.

mom ate in the dining room. neat!

it was the usual ice-cream social.
mom, who has adored ice cream all her life,
eat maybe four bites.
i pushed a little.
though i'm told it's best i don't.

after the social,
mom and i went back to her room.
i layed her down on her bed,
and cuddled up next to her.

she put her finger to her mouth,
letting me know she wanted
me to be quiet.

she's done this several times
in the past six months.

we cuddled.
i watched TV;
she watched me.

after some time,
i got up
and sat on the love seat
next to her bed.

she rolled over on her side,
and continued to look at me.
i looked back sometimes
with intense love in my eyes,
then focused my attention on the TV.

i don't watch much TV, except at mom's.

more time passed.
i looked at my mom.
she reached out her hand,
held it there
(i wasn't sure what she was doing ... a long stretch?).
then she bent her fingers,
in that universal gesture,
beckoning me to come close to her.

i did.
she brought both her hands up to my face
and carressed my cheeks, forehead, chin.

she said, "now all hands are on you."

i told her, "i love you very much, mom."

she said, "i know you do."

i kissed her on her forehead,
then we did our mutual cheek kiss.

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