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a week out west

mr. f and i went to my childhood town of Las Vegas mainly for work purposes -- helping my mom.

thankfully, i did enough pre-trip work to accomplish the task quickly.

we were able to spend more than half the trip as a vacation.

we got together with a few friends while there.

we explored some of the surrounding nature. because it was incredibly hot out there, we went up to Mt. Charleston, which I haven't been to since I was 14. mr. f and I walked part of one of the trails. we left the sunscreen back at the car and the trail turned out to be sunnier than we expected. next time we're gonna go all the way to the end, 'cause this trail has a beautiful waterfall at the top.

since it was sooooo hot (averaging 110 degrees), we headed out of the area, and i allowed myself to be spontaneous.

we ended up taking a a day trip to Los Angeles (mainly the West Hollywood area), and check out some architectural gems ... the highlight being, Rudolph Schindler's personal home on Kings Road.

both mr. f and i hadn't been to the LA area since we were kids. I would live there months at a time, but the only places i saw were the highways, the inside of ice rinks and the house in which my mom and i were renting a room.

it was a great escape. the whole trip. today i feel the need to vegetate and be a blob. tomorrow, it's back to work.

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