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This is who i am ...

... i am like my mother.
not afraid to talk to anyone.

you meet such interesting people when you allow yourself this joy.

The man checking in our rental car in Las Vegas looked like anyone you’d meet on the street. Yet something about him intrigued me.
What was he doing living in Las Vegas? And how long has he lived here? Does he like it?

So while waiting for our shuttle to pick us up, I walked over to him and asked him how he liked living in Las Vegas.

He said he has only been here six months, and it’s fine so far.

He came from New York City.

I was shocked. Why would someone move from NYC to LV? Seriously.

He told me that NYC was becoming too security oriented. There are video cameras mounted everywhere. Anywhere you go, you could get stopped by security or the police. You can’t appear to be out of place; you might get stopped. No loud noises, though he doesn’t strick me as a loud man. He mentioned other issues as well. He blamed it on Homeland Security.

I don’t know much about living in NYC these days, but I wouldn’t doubt what he says is true. It may be truer for someone like him: A fit black man. He may be in his 50s, I’m guessing, because his hair is beginning to grey. Age doesn’t matter. He is a minority.

He said he couldn’t take it any more. So he moved. Las Vegas is where he is now.

Las Vegas is decent town. The one thing he really misses is the culture. There is no culture in Las Vegas. No opera, no theater, no decent museums, et al.

There is much truth in his words. Over the decades, people have attempted to bring culture to LV, but it doesn’t seem to last too long. There is a symphony, but how good it is today, I don’t know. That was formed when I was a young teenager.

Back to this man. He’s a smart man. And he’s a friendly person. People enjoy him. While I spoke with him and afterwards, people arriving or leaving had a positive salutation for him.

We didn’t introduce ourselves, but I know his name is Willy. He was addressed quite a bit in those few minutes my husband and I waited for our shuttle to the airport.

I’m glad I walked up to him and initiated a conversation. He surprised me by what he said. Or, rather, how he said it. He’s from NYC. He knows metropolis; metropolis pre-Homeland Security.

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