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I miss you so much.

Below is a beautiful poem Liz wrote for you.


Ode to Timi: My High Stylin Little Mom

Don’t call her Thelma

She won’t answer

“Call me Timi”

Not quite five feet

A whirling dervish of au couture from top to bottom

Turning heads wherever she went

She was a classy woman

Darphine creams and cosmetics, Bobbie Brown mascara and lipstick spread from end to end of her bathroom vanity

Rivaling the best professionals in the trade

She lived her life passionately

At high speed

She wasn’t a practical woman

She lived to shop

And dressed with sophistication no matter the occasion

She lived life to capacity

And then some

A gourmet cook

Shrimp curry before its time

The Bolognese sauce

And salad dressing that still has no rivals

Four horses with a show appaloosa among them

She made an elegant cowgirl

Ballroom dance lessons led to performances

A career in travel led to a love of Africa and elephants

Needing little sleep

She stayed up late into the night reading

Stacks of magazines and books piled high on her chaise lounge

The New Yorker, Architectural Digest and Vogue

Her intellectualism was a private affair

Our Las Vegas summers

Mommy time

Trying to make up for less

Two months never went by so fast

Cowgirls we were

Each with our own horse

Meeting Red Skelton after his show

Dinner at the Sands during Frank Sinatra’s reign

Bowls of popcorn and bags of Hershey kisses

Every night

How could we say good-bye?

A whimsical grandma of great extravagance

Sometimes more child than parent

I adored watching you read Green Eggs and Ham

Some of your finest moments

Stroke and dementia

Led to a quiet gentle spirit

You stayed with us

For three years

Blowing kisses

Fading softly

Until you disappeared

I miss you so much Mom

For all that you were

I still can’t say good bye

-- written from the heart by daughter, Liz

Timi Jones

July 8, 2006

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