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dream last night

last night, i dreamt i had gone back to my prep school for a class reunion.

(prep school is relevant, because dorm rooms play a role in the dream.)

as usual, the reunion was extended over a long weekend, and we stayed in the dorm rooms.

what was unusual:

* current students were sharing the rooms with us, rooms for four to six women each;
* i brought my mother along.

mom and i were having a nice time catching up with former classmates and getting to knew current students.

once the reunion officially began, those organizing it wanted to kick off the reunion with all of us teaming up to have teams of four for a crew race.

my mom and i teamed up with two others and got into one of the older boats. instead of paddles (not sure of correct term), we had chain-linked "ropes" with a weight on the end. we were expected to use these the same way the paddles are used.

though my mother was participating in the event, i was really concerned about her doing this, because she had had open-heart surgery the week before. i didn't want her to over do it. she did seem weak from the surgery, but was still rowing the best she could.

even when i asked her to be careful or say it was all right if she wanted to just sit in the boat, she didn't listen ... or rather she was in a groggy state and not able to listen. i was scared for her more than any other emotion.

i tried asking others to convince her to not row, but it didn't help.

when we got to the other side of the lake, i got out of the boat, which was supposed to turn around and head back for the finish. i wanted to get my mother out of the boat.

but there was much confusion and before i could help my mother out of the boat, other people were in the way, and off she went with the other two women.

i tried looking for her, but couldn't see her or the boat.

i ran to the other side of the lake, ready to help her as soon as her boat arrived to shore.

everyone i talked to didn't seem concerned my mom was in any danger.

i awoke just as i saw my mom and her boat arriving to the dock. she looked really groggy, swaying from side to side.

before i had a chance to help her, i awoke from the dream.


Sep. 1st, 2006 06:18 pm (UTC)
yeah. i guess it's typical.