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a real vacation

mr. f and i spent a week and a half in the LA area with his mom and stepdad.

it's a long story as to why we picked LA to visit ... maybe i already posted it in an earlier entry.

mr. f's view: 
he is entranced by how well "they" treat their creative people.
he also loves the intense mix of rich/poor; high art/low art in many aspects of the area. socially, culturally, politically, et al.
the energy is intense and ripe for creatives.

sure there's the down sides: 
* really expensive; 
* gotta really dig for those bargain prices or end up in seedy areas;
* have to have a car; 
* train system doesn't seem comprehensive (no train to LAX?!?!?! ... come on, people. why did you waste your money creating the train system??!!); 
* nightmare traffic when it's 0.0625 miles an hour;
* high-flying fun driving zipping in and out of cars with everyone else when everyone's able to drive faster than the speed limit; 
* trying to find a public toilet -- even a pay-toilet ... right now!
* everyone wants a piece of the action.

some places, events, activities i enjoyed while we were there:

eating at:
* blossom on main st. near 4th st, downtown LA (vietnamese);
* cat and the fiddle on sunset blvd, hollywood (english);
* 25 degrees at roosevelt hotel, hollywood blvd., hollywood (designer hamburgers);
* la poubelle on franklin st., edge of hollywood and los feliz (considered french cuisine ... great fresh ingredients)

* red cat's production of "what to wear";
* schindler house on kings road, west hollywood;
* eames house off of pacific coast highway, santa monica;
* the beach houses in Venice Beach ... frank gehry's beach house is quite fun;

exchange of ideas:
* talking with the president of LA's art council about bohemian, down-to-earth places to hang out. when i ask about a healthy, fresh ingredients restaurant, she immediately recommends cat and the fiddle (fun place, but not vegan healthy, cholesterol healthy ... PR at it's best);
* asking the waitress at a restaurant in los feliz neighborhood about where the bohemian/artsy neighborhoods are and she gives us the straight scoop; finding out that that hotel we cancelled our reservations the first night is located at "nickel corner." the hotel is decent ... the area's trying to change. we weren't ready to experiment that much;
* hanging out with the work staff at L.A. Eyeworks on beverly blvd. at Martel, hollywood, while mr. f found and got fitted for new, hip frames. they have miniature, unabridged hardbound copies of the u.s. constitution for sale and can't keep 'em in stock (we had given our nieces and nephews copies of the us. constitution for xmas last year to the sound of loud boos); 
* hanging out at skylight bookstore on vermont avenue, los feliz neighborhood;

* los feliz, silver lake and echo park neighborhoods ... of the three, we spent the most time in los feliz, which we really liked.
* driving the streets of the hollywood hills ... doesn't matter if it's the wealthy area or poor area. driving those hills are fun.

(to be updated??)


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Sep. 26th, 2006 01:21 am (UTC)
yay for vacations

Sep. 26th, 2006 03:26 am (UTC)

it was the first vacation we've had in several years.

we both felt the respite time. it was a relief.
Oct. 9th, 2006 07:41 am (UTC)

im glad you had a great time on vacation
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