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one of two positive dreams

usually i seem to have negative dreams, but last week i had two positive dreams, which i've wanted to share with you all.
i hope you all read through this, because it is neat. i hope i haven't dragged it out too much. i'm trying to place you in the dream. to feel it; see it; maybe experience it.

dream one:

scene setting:
we're at my mother's house in las vegas.
the mesa where VoTech rests is in the dream, and is within the real walking distance from mom's house.
mr. f and i are dressed in black with minimal white accents ... he might be wearing a white, flowing scarf around his neck, for instance. our attire is jazz modern, dance/street wear. i'm wearing a short skirt with thin, black leggings and a three-quarter length sleeved, scoop-neck pullover. mr. f is wearing long pants and a long-sleeved pullover. we're both wearing black shoes.

the dream:
mr. f and i jump into our sporty convertible leaving my mom's house, with the intent to explore the top of the mesa.
we feel carefree, the wind blowing gently on us. we're not speeding along.

on our way, we notice a new minimalist strip mall where a neighbor's house and property used to be.
since the mall is a pleasing architectural specimen, mr. f wants to stop and check it out.
we are the only ones there, except for the shop clerks.
there is jazzy classical music playing -- a very slow piece -- which can be heard in each store and outside.

we are in a clothing store. mr. f is checking it out; i'm standing in an open space.
the music is so moving, i stand in first position; arms curved at my side. i slowly move one arm up in ballet style. bring it down; move the next one up and move my body with it. 

i start dancing to the music. remember it's slow, so my moments are slow.

mr. f walks around me slowly and joins in the slow dance. we intermingle for a few moments, then he moves on and far away out of sight.

the music gradually moves towards a crescendo and i move with it.

as the music and i reach the crescendo, mr. f comes rushing over to me in a curved path and we dance together with the crescendo.

the dream continues on this way as the music slows down again, we part from each other heading to different stores and meet up again dancing together and alone.

what a wonderful feeling this dream gave.

p.s. we don't have a sporty convertible in real life.


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Oct. 21st, 2006 08:15 pm (UTC)
What a lovely dream! I read it twice just because I liked it so much.
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