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Yeah, yeah. I'm not a sports fan.

I mean I don't usually participate in spectator sports.
I certainly don't waste my time sitting in front of the television rah-rahing, booing, screaming for that moment a team is on top of the winner's heap. I waste my time doing other equally mundane malarkey.

It's nice to learn if my alma mater's teams are doing well.
If they're doing really well, closing in on the final four in NCAA basketball finals, I will watch those final games leading up and through to the championship game.

Otherwise, I'm in another world.

Thank goodness, Mr. F isn't a sports fan either.

Mr. F was raised in Detroit. You'd think he would be one.
His father is a big fan of sports. A civilized sports fan. A faithful fan to the bitter or jubilant end. You won't see him raising hell in the streets of Detroit after a big loss or win.

Thank goodness Mr. F isn't a sports fan.
It would be difficult to bare.

Tonight was the first game of the Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Cardinals World Series.

The game started around 7:30 p.m.

Mr. F and I went to an 8 p.m. showing of the film, "Flags of Our Father." The WWII film about the famous flag-raising photo at Iwo Jima.

After the movie, we headed to one of the few 24-hour coffeehouses.

Making small talk with the barista, it was clear she was listening to the big game. I asked her if she was. She said the game just ended.

I asked if the Cardinals had won, and she said, "Yes."

I responded: "Woo-hoo! All right!"

She looked cock-eyed at me, and asked, "You're really rooting for the Cardinals?"

Yes, I was serious. I had forgotten my decorum. I am in the Land of the Tigers. I have to keep quiet or at least not be so open about it. Someone might block me. Literally.

Yeah, yeah. I'm not a sports fan.
But I'm rooting for the Cardinals.

What gives?

My father was raised in Cardinals' territory. He was a big Cardinals fan.
He used to tell me his childhood stories of watching the Cardinals. I'm not good with the facts, but my dad might have seen the Cardinals play in a World Series eons ago. This would have been early- to mid-20th Century.

So I gotta root for the Cardinals.
I ain't gonna watch or listen to any of the games. Just rooting for 'em.

As usual, I'm the outsider.

I always seem to be living in an area where my allegiance don't align.

In 1986, I believe, the Mets and the Yankees played each other in the running to the World Series. I was at Syracuse Univ. in Upstate New York. You'd think the fans would be equally divided between the two teams. But no. The vast majority were Mets' fans. I'm partial to the Yankees. Why? I don't know. An emotional bond? Maybe I subconsciously learned to like them because my brothers are Yankees' fans. They grew up in Westchester County, just north of Manhattan. I don't recall my brothers' allegiance to the Yankees until I was an adult. Don't ask the obvious. You can read my familial bio on my users' page.

The same sitch happened a few years ago, when Syracuse ended up in the NCAA Final Four. Can't recall what other teams were in the quad, but it might have been a Big Ten team. No one around here was rooting for SU.

Oh, well.

Life goes on.

But isn't it an awkward situation?


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Dec. 4th, 2006 02:22 pm (UTC)
Who listens to what music?
Hello. Good day
Who listens to what music?
I Love songs Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton
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