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Updating a classmate

Below is an email update I sent to a high-school classmate who emailed me out of the blue.

Hi K,

It's great to hear from you. Please forgive me for not replying sooner. I've been really busy!

Like you, I've been excited about going to our 25th reunion. However, the reunion will be around one year from the time my mother died and our family is having a reunion that same time to remember her. At this point, it doesn't look feasible to go to the Willy reunion. Once we get closer to June, I'll have a better sense.

Have to say that has been my life these (almost) four years. Taking care of my mother and all of her affairs. There's still much to take care of concerning her estate, but we're getting closer. As you can imagine, it was much easier emotionally to take care of everything when she was still alive. I felt I was returning all the support and care my mother had given me growing up. It felt wonderful, even though it has been challenging.

My husband, Mr. F, has been a tremendous support. Now the two of us are trying to get back to our lives and pursuits prior to all of the above. I'm still working in the graphics department of the GRP. That dinosaur industry that seems closer to tumbling with the onset of the internet. I'm just trying to keep on top of new technologies, which is fun. Though it's scary to see what our youngsters can do. My nieces and nephews blow me away with their capabilities. I'm competing with them!

That's neat that you're able to share my own family situation with your daughter. All my half-siblings are older. Three brothers and three sisters. What's neat about my situation and your daughter's is that it really is more common than one would think. One of my closest friends here is the youngest of a family of ten. Same parents for all the children. But as you can imagine, her oldest sibling has kids older than she. They are a neat bunch of people. Very creative and just plain fun to be around. I've met other people with the same situation -- either through second marriages or being near the end of the litter.

Hey, so what are you up to, K?!

You got more than an earful from me. :)

Thanks, again, for writing. And write back, O.K? I do want to know what you're up to these days.


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