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Response to a friend's post

There is some great script writing going on in the past few years. "Six Feet Under" is one of those top notch series. We only saw part of the first series (when in LV taking care of my mom in 2003). We should rent the whole first season and watch all of it.

Mr. F and I have seen some quality stuff lately. Our latest fix was watching the second season of "Big Love." That's an incredible story. We ripped right through the 12 episodes in too short of time. Now we're hanging. No third season yet.

I'm not one to watch much TV.
Yet this year, Mr. F and I have really gotten into "Ugly Betty." We rented the first season right before the second season started. It's a great series.

On my own, I've been enjoying "Pushing Daisies." I love dark comedies. This fits in quite well. I thought I was only going to watch the first show, because the talented Broadway vocalist, Kristen Chenoweth, is in it.

Tried watching "Private Practice," because Audra McDonald (another talented Broadway vocalist) is in it. It's a good show, but it didn't have the draw these other shows have.

I have to mention Vanessa Williams, too, who is in "Ugly Betty," because she is another talented Broadway vocalist. I went to college with Vanessa and she grew up with my two nieces who are our age. She portrays a terrific villain.

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