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My thoughts on Hillary Clinton

When Hillary Clinton was first elected to the U.S. Senate, I wrote her a congratulatory letter. I was overjoyed and was thinking about her future: She could run for U.S. president within the next eight years.

But she hasn't shown integrity while in the Senate. The way she voted on some major issues made I was incredulous.

These past few days, I've felt that same incredulousness. If Hillary doesn't have something up her sleeve that will gain her the Democratic nomination when Obama appears to clearly have it, then I wonder what planet she is on.

added At this point, I wouldn't want Hillary as the VP candidate. This recent meltdown hasn't been very comforting. Being on the Obama ticket could damage Obama's chances.

Here's something I wrote earlier today:
For those who strongly believe all feminist women supported Hillary Clinton all the way through the primary and are going to support John McCain now the primary is over, there are many exceptions. I am one of them.

So are my three sisters. We are white women, Democrats, progressive thinkers and between the ages 43 and 55. Each of us came to the conclusion we each supported Obama on our own.

Before either Barack Obama or Clinton announced their mutual runs for the Democratic nomination, I was becoming dismayed with Clinton. I didn't like how she voted on some of the major Congressional legislations. I started to feel she wasn't as straightforward as I had once hoped she was. She differed in how some of my own state's (Michigan) senators voted.

These past few days have reinforced these feelings. I feel badly for her. She doesn't appear to be together. Her actions and words have not served her well. May she recover this tremendous blunder.

With that said:

Here is to much success to Obama. May he win the presidency!

Nancy JonesFrancis
Grand Rapids, Mich.

BTW, Maureen Dowd has written eloquently about this subject:
And she didn't use one curse word. ;-)

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