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feeling the angst of a big deadline

mr. f and i have had one of those weeks ...

* we begged the new owner of our house to let us have jan. 1 to move the last stuff out of our former house. yeow. i hate missing deadlines. AND i know how excited this young, first-time homeowner is to move in.
* last night, we spent our first night in the temporary apartment.  it's a place that's in the midst of being finished, so we're lacking some basics. most of the sitch is finding things amongst all of our stuff. we're doing all right.
* we bought a space heater, which we're giving to the owners of this duplex.
* i know i'm outta shape, because i can't do the whirlwind moving of stuff like i used to be able to do.
* mr. f drove a 26-foot truck two times to indiana. a two and a half hour trip each way ... that was after filling the truck with our stuff and after emptying the truck into our storage units. mr. f has done most of the packing and moving himself, because i've had to work.
* we had a week of vacation to pack up and move out of the house ... but both of us procrastinated.
* procrastinators spend more money than those who are prepared.
* we let go of a ton of stuff.
* we can let go of at least two tons more, but time isn't permitting good decision-making.
* our kitty had her teeth cleaned yesterday ... and had to have her first tooth extracted. antibiotics and pain killers. she's hating us right now.
* we spent our christmas packing; going to the movies (Eagle Eye); and eating excellent Asian cuisine at the only place we knew was open.
* our place is closer to my workplace, but i have to take two buses to get there. or have to walk further to the bus stop. need to look at routes.
* i'm tired. mr. f is exhausted and on the edge.
* we'll be all right. :: knocking on wood ::