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An important element to our journey

 An important part of our journey includes activities at Mr. F's family cottage and nature retreat in Indiana.

This past spring, Mr. F's family started a vineyard of 74 hardy Steuben grapes. 
This coming spring, they plan to triple their crop.
It takes three years before the vines are mature enough to produce grapes.
Initially, Mr. F's family wants to provide the grapes to at least one of the local wineries.
Thankfully, this is a seasonal project, so we can pursue our desire to have sunny, warm winters.

In 2008, Mr. F spent many weeks down in Indiana working with his step dad on the vineyard from planting the vines; designing, building and erecting a huge trellis; watering and weeding; and creating a solar-powered electric fence to keep grape-loving critters away from the delicate plants.