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A trial of traveling: losing stuff

Mid-week, we lost our camera bag with two of Mr. F's cameras and several lenses.

We're not sure if we left the bag behind or someone took it.

Mr. F stored the bag in our roof-top carrier ... aka, rocket box. Nothing else is missing.

We hadn't opened the carrier since we left Grand Rapids. We've been focusing on getting outta the snow and cold.

Mid-week, we were leaving a log cabin at a Civil War battleground site, when we noticed the rooftop carrier was wide open.
It was windy outside, so it could have blown open ... but several days after we secured it?

The camera bag wasn't in the roof-top carrier when Mr. F re-secured the carrier.
He didn't say anything to me, because he is prone to misplacing things.

When we got to our hotel that night, Mr. F pulled everything out of the car and we checked all of our bags.
The camera bag was nowhere.

Mr. F definitely packed it. I remember seeing it up in the carrier ... not that I had a great vantage point ... being short and unable to actually reach into the carrier without a step ladder. The camera bag was definitely in the carrier.

We want to believe that we hadn't secured the carrier and the bag flew out, but there's always the other possibility. Someone broke into the carrier and took it. Could it have happened when we were enjoying an impromptu musical performance by the park guide in the log cabin? We were the only people in the log cabin and the only people touring the site at the time.

It was a weird incident.
Mr. F spent at least Thursday mourning his loss.
I know how much he enjoys taking photos, especially with these "old-time" 35 mm cameras.


Jan. 18th, 2009 04:52 am (UTC)
Re: can relate : /
Am assuming this is u-sanne writing this since you also moved recently. That's horrible about your laptop! All of your stuff was in there. I hope you had all of it backed up ... or the important stuff. That's a rough one. I am guessing the credit-card processing machine is expensive and one has to go through some sort of process to get one.

With the camera gear, I'm hoping Mr. F is open to using my old 35mm and various lenses. They are in good shape. Not the same as using the camera you've used for decades and are really comfortable using.

Yes, may this be the only losses for all three of us!