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Notes on Algiers Point neighborhood

This study is in progress

Algiers Point neighborhood (south boundary differs with source)

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Algiers Point neighborhood is an historical self-contained neighborhood of New Orleans, tucked into the curve of the Mississippi River south of the French Quarter. It was popular amongst musicians in the 1930s, '40s and '50s.

The design: Business structures are built at the corners of street blocks, with residences built along the blocks.
Boundaries: Mississippi River west and north; Atlantic Avenue to the east; the southern boundary is different depending on organization. I've seen references to: Slidell Street, Opelousas Avenue, Newton Street and westbound Pontchartrain Expressway (U.S. 90).

A ferry runs between the neighborhood and the French Quarter. It runs every 15 minutes daily. Pedestrians ride for free. Cars pay $1 for round-trip service.

Businesses today:
* Courthouse
* Library branch housed in courthouse temporarily, because of damage from Hurricane Katrina
* Coffeehouse
* 1 bank, Whitney National Bank
* 1 accountant
* 1 insurance agency
* 1 dentist
* 1 architectural firm
* 1 barbershop
* Independent handyman services
* Several churches
* roughly five restaurants and/or bars
* Dry cleaning and alterations
* a small market, could be a convenience store (?)
* Seafood market with fresh seafood and prepared dishes
* 3 artitsts' studios/galleries
* 3 bed & breakfasts
* Yoga studio and wellness center
* 3 parks
* 2 playgrounds
* Mardi Gras World (a place to get Mardi Gras gifts or have art made for holiday events, tours and holiday entertainment)

Have to go at least 3.5 miles for pharmacy and most grocery items.

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