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25 things about me meme

This meme came from Facebook.
Rules: You all know the drill. Share 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. Have fun. :D

1. I have to have chocolate at least once a day.

2. After taking the Meyers-Briggs Test numerous times since I was about 20 years old, it's clear I am an XNFP. Most people would say I'm definitely an ENFP, but as the M-B test shows, I an a true mix of introvert and extrovert.

3. The first time I was on stage was when I was just old enough to walk. My mother signed me up to model ... at the time, I was the only child model. My agent/tutor/coach organized a runway fashion show, which I participated in. Not a traditional runway model, I walked around the stage towing a little wagon with my stuffed animals in it. My agent's husband sang, "Thank Heaven For Little Girls." Being in front of that audience was a thrill I enjoy to this day.

4. My father discouraged me from pursuing a career in musical theatre, because it's too competitive. He wanted me to be practical and major in business or finance. Finance is interesting, but I wouldn't want to make that my livelihood.

5. As a kid, in one figure skating competition, I came in first place in the freestyle portion and last place in the compulsory figures portion of the competition. That sums up where my interest lies in figure skating. About a decade later, compulsory figures were removed from competitions. I don't know why, except that it could be that figure skating is more fun to watch.

6. I started singing about as soon as I could talk. My favorite songs were from "The Sound of Music" and "Hair."

7. My husband and I met through Salon. In his third or fourth email, he animatedly wrote about all of his favorite philosophers, like Heidegger and Gadamer. I replied, saying he was too intellectual for me. He replied, "You goofball. I overdid it trying to impress you." We found one of our mutual grounds in Nature. A year and a half later, we got married.

8. I've read the Harry Potter series three times. When we had a garage sale this summer, I sold the entire set of hardcover books for $15 to our mail carrier.

9. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table is one of my favorite legends.

10. SciFi is one of my favorite genre, gravitating mainly to cyberpunk and apocalyptic works.

11. My paternal great grandfather was a newspaper journalist.

12. A pinnacle in my life was spending eight days canoeing, camping and pushing past my known physical limits in an Outward Bound course along the Boundary Waters in Minnesota.

13. Up until about age 27 or 28, I was accused of not speaking up enough, being incredibly shy, meek. Since then, I've been accused of not being quiet enough! Am trying to find a balance between the two.

14. Joining FB is one of the best things I've done, because it has been wonderful reconnecting with people I enjoyed years ago. It's great to have you all back in my life.

15. When it comes to public bathrooms, I can be extremely neurotic.

16. I am a Ten of Hearts; Ten of Diamonds is my PRC. Learn more from Robert Camp's website.

17. Almost a year ago, I got into two car accidents within five days. A dear friend died that same time period. These events, along with some earlier ones, brought me to the point of leaving my job, selling our house and looking to move to the Southwest.

18. Taking care of my mother during the last three years of her life was incredibly exhausting physically and emotionally, yet it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I'd do it again.

19. I don't really like to drink alcohol, though will every once in awhile. Many people assume I don't drink, because I have a problem handling alcohol. Why can't people realize not everyone enjoys to drink?

20. New Year's Eve, while playing ping pong, a spectator said I had the reflexes of a cat. This person later asked to play against me. It was a fair match. We had a nice volley.

21. I know runners' high through dance, skating, singing, painting and writing.

22. I used to run up to five miles every two or three days a week. Then my doctor insisted I stop, otherwise I'd have to get knee replacements before I was 35 years old.

23. Today, I hardly exerise at all. I hope to get back into it. Dance is a good one.

24. I wish I could supplant some of my brain functions with artificial intelligence to become quicker in response time, better with memory.

25. I'm working on a biography, which doesn't need any embellishment, though my husband encourages me to add embellishment. Seems like a silly idea.

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