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over a month on the road

 we've been on the road for a month and a week. as things happen, i wish i had access to a keyboard and the internet all the time, because there are times i want to share something here and have no way of getting the info. here. by the time i get to the laptop and internet, the inspiration may have disappeared or my energy has drained. unlike our younger generations, i'm not hip on hunt-and-peck typing on my cell phone. those are good for short updates.
do i miss grand rapids? yes
do i miss my friends? yes, and no. the internet is great for keeping in touch. oh, yeah.
do i miss the press? yes and no. i miss the people. i miss being a part of a team working toward accomplishing a goal that benefits the masses. i don't miss the nine-to-five ... who would? i don't miss having to be on time. I don't miss having to compromise my beliefs.

i know we can't do this forever, but i'm really enjoying taking my time with mr. f and coming and going as we please.
we encounter " ... a homeless person, who looks like he/she had lived well-to-do up until recently. It's unnerving. That could be any one of us. The vision is unnerving." At some point, we have to settle down and re-join society.

i do want to get involved with a community ... hence listening to austin's city council meeting ... but i'm not rushing to join anything yet.

in the past few days, i have been getting antsy. antsy to get to that utopia, settle down and get involved. is it albuquerque i'm antsy for? maybe. it seems like the one place mr. f and i agree on.


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Feb. 13th, 2009 04:34 am (UTC)
i just have one big question and hope it's not too personal..... but why do you call your husband Mr. F????? i'm so curious about you and believe me if my hubby/i were to be in the same bar or coffehouse as you folks, it could be very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dual minds....
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