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Why is my husband, Mr. F?

 Someone just asked why I refer to my husband as Mr. F on livejournal.

It started when we began dating 7 years ago.

I was happily posting all kinds of entries about my life.
Mr. F insisted I not write about him.
How can one write an online journal, if one is not allowed to write about a very important person in ones life?

So I asked Mr. F if I could call him, "Mr. F," using the first letter of his bachelor surname. He said it was O.K.

I refer to people who don't want to be known ... or whom I haven't asked for permission to write about (those happen occasionally), in the style of  _______ famous writer I can't recall his name right now. Last name starts with a "B?" He's from the 19th century ... or turn of the 19th/20th centuries ... and was from France ... maybe England. Ugh. I can't stand it. My brain is melting. Oh! Glenn Becker will know.

Anyway, now it's more fun to call my husband, Mr. F, more than anything. His name is plastered all over my Facebook exchanges, AND his photos posted in this journal have his full name with copyright. He's asked numerous times that Ipublish his photos here, yet he needs them to be fully copyrighted because of his work whether they are good or bad examples.

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