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Getting itchy

Not sure if it's being ill for more than a week
or driving from place to place for more than a month
or a combination of the two,
but i'm getting itchy to find a place and settle. 

since this past september,
we've been thinking more and more
albuquerque is the place we will settle.

taking this extended trip is helping to narrow down our choices.
but the past few days, i've been itching to beeline it to albuquerque.

mr. f and i have visited there several times
since 2002. he used to live near albuquerque
in the late 1990s. as a kid, my family would
drive through the city on our way to missouri
where my father was raised
and my grandmother continued to live.
albuquerque seemed like a dump back then.
it's definitely changed.

albuquerque is one of the 50 largest cities in the u.s.
it has an arid climate, making it sunny and warm
without the humidity. it does get some snow,
but nothing close to the great white north.

albuquerque is a really accessible city.
it's easy to get into and get out of via car.
it has some great neighborhoods
where you can walk to get your errands done,
or hang out at a coffee house or bar.

albuquerque is a definitely blue city
AND it cares about its environmental issues.
a couple of years ago, the mayor instituted
a broad-sweeping green initiative.

the cost-of-living in albuquerque is a lot less
than most places we're looking at,
and it's a lot less than the land of frugality, grand rapids.

albuquerque seems like a city that's cool,
yet not so cool that it's too popular and unwieldy.

it has a decent arts culture.
it's a progressive city,
and is becoming more so with each year.

albuquerque is the home
to the university of new mexico.
a lot of students there.

i wish it had a rapid-transit system.
they're looking into it like so many other cities.

a family member tells me
albuquerque has a serious gang problem.
a lot of cities have serious gang problems.
usually these are contained amongst the gangs themselves.
you need to know where not to live, i guess.

how is the city doing economically?
since the crash, i don't know.
in 2006, it's income per capita exceeded
the average u.s. metro per capita.

the week we were in september last year
was right after the stock market crashed.
i don't know what percentage
of the city's economy depends on the financial market.

when we were there, we saw a far amount of homeless people.
decent looking people who were panhandling.
but we saw this trend in a lot of other places:
denver, boulder, grand rapids ... 

there's more to consider,
but for now that's all I can think of to write.
mushy-brain syndrome thanks
to this bronchial virus.


Feb. 16th, 2009 01:11 am (UTC)

i hope you feel better soon
Feb. 18th, 2009 08:04 am (UTC)
thank you, Kirsten.
I am!