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last night in austin and laundry

sitting at quack's 43rd street bakery
as the laundry spins and shakes,
bakes itself dry.

sunday's are always dark and empty for me.
today it seems more intense.

i think it's because we're supposed to be leaving austin tomorrow.
we've delayed our exit twice.

mr. f is loving austin
the more i take him
out and away
from his staple,
genuine joe's cafe,
on the stripmally, north side of town.
it's close to where we're staying.
dull grey.

still wondering about
how we can expense it all.
but as one austinite said,
"At least it's not SF cost."
the summers are supposed
to be near the boiling point
and allergy inducing.
i've been worried about
my wee allergies,
but in the past several days
mr. f's allergies have been
creeping inside out.
he's a brave man,
but come summer,
he'll be thankful he's back
in indiana weeding
the vineyard
and sustaining
his allergy levels.

that doesn't sound fun.

we're had some great tour guides
while we've been here.
longtime bud, steve noreyko,
a kick ass photographer;
and rothko ,
a scorpionic maelstrom woman friend
and her open-source aficionado man, meta

i'm lovin' some of the urban planning
that's going on here or being proposed.
the creativity level is high, high, high.

maybe we'll get lucky.
we could probably make it happen here,
but i guess we want to test out albuquerque first.

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