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Why I didn't run with the cows:

The owner of the ranch down in The Valley of South Texas
never said I couldn't get on the same side of the fence
as the cows and bulls/steer (not sure who is and who isn't ... if you know what I mean).
Yet the ranch owner said that he doesn't interact with them as much now that he is 75 years old.
He had a young ranch hand wrangle with the cows.
And they were not easy to contend with I witnessed. 

As much as I wanted to "run with the cows," it became clear
they could be more dangerous with a human on the same side of their fence,
then when they were chilling on the opposite of the fence.

As I've mentioned in an earlier post,
the cattle does get ruffed up a bit
as the ranchers and other cattle workers prod and poke
the cows to go this way and that way and stay put or get movin'.
It was difficult to watch.

I took this photo at the LBJ National Historic Site
in Johnson City, Texas. The message sums up what
the cattle rancher was attempting to convey.