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Mr. F and I are still in Fredericksburg, Texas, though we plan to leave tomorrow as there doesn't seem to be any lodging available for the weekend. We arrived at the wrong time of the week. This little town is quite touristy. It seems to rely more on shopping than on heritage. They do have several museums and German restaurants. Otherwise, the whole place reminds me of any other homespun town. A small Grand Rapids with all of its cuteness tucked into one street of shopping, museum hopping and Biergartens.

Another problem with Fredericksburg is everything shuts down starting around 4:30 p.m. Every place, except restaurants, seems to be closed by 6 p.m. Restaurants seem to close at 9 p.m. Two coffee houses here close at 5 p.m. Can't get much work done here after that, unless we hang out in our cute little cabin (not sure what to call it). It's more than a motel room, but less than an apartment. And it's inexpensive considering its charm and quaint decorating.

We came to this little town, because Mr. F is all about German food and culture. He is more than half German. Plus, Fredericksburg has the National Museum on the War of the Pacific. Woo-hoo, I say, with greatly understated enthusiasm. Mr. F loves the art of war, especially that of WWII. He says he's fascinated by how so many people can be convinced to go to war. I believe this to be true, yet I feel there is something more that intrigues him.

Once we leave this little town, our plan was to continue heading west. Down to Marfa, Texas, of Donald Judd fame, then to El Paso. For me, El Paso is close to Las Cruces, N.M., which I'm interested to learn more. Mr. F is interested in that big border town across from Cuidad Juarez, the home to Electrolux's refrigerator manufacturing plant. Electrolux moved this plant from Greenville, Mich., a little town north of Grand Rapids, so we've heard of Cuidad Juarez.*

Anyway, we realized we need to get some big city business done within the next week. There's something like 800 miles between San Antonio (we're west of that city) and El Paso. Doubt we'll find a FedEx Kinkos and coffee houses open until 11 p.m. along that route. Plus, the battery on this sweet little Mac laptop is dying quickly. I need to take action within the next week. Yikes.

So we're heading east, first. Then hopefully, we'll head west. Really far west ... so far west that we end up in another state! Mr. F talks of wanting to go visit his brother, again, in The Valley ... Edinburg, Texas.

Who knows, by the time we have to head back to Indiana, we may spend our most of winter in Texas. Not a bad place to be. We did have plans to spend significant time in Albuquerque and surrounding towns.

* Heard on the news that the Mexican border is sketchy right now with drug wars on the south side ... some of them filtering across into the U.S. Not sure I want to go to El Paso, or back to Edinburg.