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Austin, take 2

Some people believe we're back in Austin,
ONLY because we need internet access.

That's not true.
We have a PC card, so we have internet access
where ever we have cell phone access.

Mr. F is working on applications for various job openings,
and needs to get a few of them out in the next few days.
Since we didn't bring our printer with us,
we rely on FedEx Kinko's for printing. It's a pain,
yet we have more room in the car. 

The battery on my laptop was nearing death ...
I was pushing it to the edge ...
I know if I had waited much longer,
I wouldn't be able to turn on the computer.
That would be bad.

Austin is great. We're staying a cheaper place,
and it's closer to the action.
The motel has a shared grill, and Mr. F wants to invite 
some local friends over for a cook-out.
I need to contact them now, or time will be lost.

Today, Mr. F came with me to look at a loft
that was originally for sale. They are renting some now.
I'm assuming they are feeling the economic downturn,
though the saleswoman isn't admitting this fact.
Last time we were in Austin, she walked me through
this loft. Very cool, Modern design and in East Austin.
Originally, she said the lofts could be leased for one year only.
Today, she wasn't strong on that one-year lease idea.
I wonder if we wait a few months, we'll be able to rent/lease for longer?
Or maybe they will come down on the price?
I'm thinking it could happen.
After hearing about today's market drop below 6800,
things could be a ton cheaper. We have to wait; be patient.
Even in Texas, they can't escape the economic downturn.

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