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Photos by Mr. F

This entry is backposted to the time-period these photos were taken.

Here are a couple of photos*,
Mr. F shot of the ranch
and back yard
where his brother lives.

As you can see from the images,
it was extremely foggy that day.
In The Valley (South Texas)
this is an unusual sight.

The field where the cattle graze
None in sight, still.

Back yard
Mr. F's brother rents from the cattle rancher.
This fence divides his brother's backyard
and the field where the cattle were grazing.

*All photos in this post are copyright 2009, Tammeron JonesFrancis
They are not to be used by others without direct permission
from Tammeron JonesFrancis. 
You can contact him at:
jonesfrancis design consulting llc