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Some reasons why I love Austin

Keep Austin Weird: Strong campaign to support local businesses and artists. There are tons of success local businesses that have multiple storefronts.
Austin is sunny and warm. It gets so hot and humid in the summer, one guy said you can get a fungus-like skin disease. That doesn't sound like fun. I've never heard of people in India getting anything like this. I'm guessing, India is the hottest and most humid place on the planet.
• Wholefoods was born in Austin (Do you really need a link for this store?).
• Wholefoods has some serious competition from H.E.B.'s upscale store, Central Market.
• There's a coffee house on every corner ... in some areas, like Hyde Park neighborhood, a coffee house can be found at every major intersection.
• Tex-Mex is the cuisine of choice ... there really is a Tex-Mex restaurant on every corner.
• Austinites are open to many cultures and cuisines
Cool restaurant start-ups like, Maki, started here.
• It's a fashion casual place ... or rather ... whatever you want to wear is fine with them ... as long as it's casual.
• There are so many artists, fine and performance, that there's tons of art and cultural events to see every day and night.
• There are so many fine artists that their artwork -- good and not so good -- adorn the walls of coffee houses and local storefronts each month.
• Alamo Drafthouse: Watch mainstream, art and foreign films while drinking beer. They have food, too.
• City planners experiencing intense growth and anticipating more, have plans to develop upward, attempting to keep the urban sprawl from continuing at an insane rate like in Las Vegas or Los Angeles.
•  There's a strong environmental movement.
• Hippies are welcome.
• So are Hippie wannabes.
• Yuppies and Yuppie wannabes are welcome, too.
• Austin welcomes vegetarians and meat eaters alike.
• Austin is politically Blue, though it welcomes all colors of politicians ... it has to ... it's the capital of Texas. ;-p
• It's a youthful city.
• Austin's first commuter rail route is FINALLY starting transit service March 30. This past summer, I heard it was launching at the end of September. Then November ... Delays ... delays ... eh, it'll be great once it starts.
• Uh yeah, SXSW started in Austin as solely an annual music festival in 1987. Later the film festival and interactive festivals were added. I've wanted to go to the Interactive festival for ... ever. This year was soooo close ... but no. Next year?

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