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Too weird. I think I was being sniffed out by a border patron agent while waiting forever for my dinner to arrive. He sat down next to me, introduced himself and chatted a bit.

Eh, it's probably no big deal. We're in Marfa, TX, right now. O.K., so after waiting an hour and a half for dinner to take home to my ailing husband, this guy sits down next to me. He introduces himself, asks where I'm from. I ask him what he does in Marfa, believing he'll tell me he's an artist. He says he's a border patrol agent, and is very good at sniffing out those helping others cross the border. I'm thinking this is really cool, but wondering why he sat down next to me, when he supposedly has a girlfriend sitting at a table out on the patio. Before this dude showed up, I mentioned to other patrons my husband was sick, because he was out in the desert 9 hours yesterday w/o sunscreen or a hat checking out Native American rock paintings. It was probably nothing. But the encounter was interesting.

(When I had to go, I asked him if he had a business card. There were so many questions I had. It would be neat to learn more about his work. Eh, the curious journalist in me. He said he didn't have a card. Oh, well.)

Normally, I wouldn't wait an hour and a half to receive a meal, but it's supposedly the only restaurant open Sunday night. It was getting pretty late. Mr. F needed something healthy to eat. 

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