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Thursday morning, Mr. F and I got up "really early" to catch a light rocking climbing tour of the rock art and petroglyphs at Hueco Tanks State Historic Park outside of El Paso.

Mr. F is an aficionado of petroglyphs, hence the reason.
It was supposed to be a two-hour session starting at 10:30 a.m., so I felt all right about going. 
(After our two-hour caving experience with the beginnings of low-blood sugar, I knew this trip would be survivable.)

A few days earlier, Mr. F went on a more than 8-hour rock art trip in Seminole State Historic Park near Del Rio, Texas.
There was no way I was participating in that tour. It probably would have good to go, especially since there were two other couples there, both in their sixties. Mr. F tells me the women slowed the men down considerably. Who knows how I would have fared. The thought of 8 hours walking and climbing rocks in the hot desert was too much. Sure they had a lunch break. Not sure if I mentioned this event caused Mr. F's heat-"stroke" episode. Physically, he felt awful after this event. His spirits were incredibly high. If he could, he would have spent even more time out there. I guess in the area he was, you needed to be with a guide and/or the park closed at a certain hour.

Back to our Hueco Tanks rock climbing experience.

I was somewhat nervous about it.
The potential heat.
The need for water, which I brought (Mr. F did not ... bad boy).
The need for food (we had a sufficient meal before it started).

It was a great two three-hour trip. Mr. F didn't mention we would be rock climbing.
When our awesome guide (this man, Jorge, kicks serious a**) said we will be doing some rock climbing to get to the next site, I freaked ... internally.

Though I've rock climbed before, that was in 1992 and 1993. I was very physically fit then. Today is different. :/

Jorge asked two of the young men in our group to help the rest of us, mainly women, with climbing safely. We didn't need caribeeners(sp?) or any special equipment.

I did all right. Thankfully, most of the rocks had good foot holds.

This rock art was worth the climb. I thought we were done with climbing up, now freaking out about climbing down.
Then Jorge says we're climbing to the next site. More freaking out.
Was scared, but did it without incident. Thought we'd be climbing down now ... still freaking out about that.

Then Jorge says we've climbing to the next site!
At this point, I'm thinking I want to stay behind. I wait until the last women climb up, two assisted, two not. OK, I head up without assistance.

Is there more climbing? I'm freaking out about getting down ... Yeah, the rock art and petroglyphs we see are worth it, but this is too much.

Then it's time to climb down.
Yeah. We're not going up!

There are some slippery rocks and a few of the men slide down like little boys. I decide to take the climbing approach. Got down the first round all right without assistance.

The second round of climbing down, I was fearless. Just doing it ... until the end when we have to get down a slippery large rock. A little slippage and momentary panic.

Then the woman behind me, slips spread eagles, landing safely against me as her buffer. Thank goodness I was holding the rock tightly otherwise the two of us would have fallen to the rough landing below.

I was great emotionally. Sheesh. All that fear disappeared. The confidence was rising; not getting cocky. Just realizing subconsciously it was all right. The more we climbed, the better it got.

Wow. The human experience.


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Mar. 22nd, 2009 11:28 pm (UTC)
Damn woman! You're really pushing the experiences this trip. Good work.
Mar. 26th, 2009 12:01 am (UTC)
Mr. F is pushing the experiences! If it weren't for him, most of these adventures would not happen. I'd fantasize about 'em, but probably not do 'em.
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