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Oh gosh, one several of my buds still with The Grand Rapids Press sent this article to me.
It's devastating news for those still working there.

the article.

My own thoughts:
Are the paycuts really necessary? Couldn't there have been other cuts? Does The Press really need to continue print publication? I guess it's a better money-saving strategy for The Press to continue spending money to run the printing press generating money from its remaining print circulation and ad revenue to feed the employees. The Press can't move yet to 100 percent online publishing. It feels like a slow, tortuous journey to transition to online. Squeezing every last drop out of the business side. When Dan Gaydou says " ...readership is very, very high," is he speaking of just the print version of the newspaper? It would be interesting to know how print circulation is doing. Also, it would be great to know what readership is for both online and print. I feel badly for everyone working at the newspaper, including Dan Gaydou. I know these decisions can't be easy for him. The ramifications for employees is traumatic, especially when they feel they can't give up their steady income. To oleblueyes53: Yes, there were "cost-of-living" raises in January, however, can you call a 1-percent raise a "cost-of-living" raise? This news is difficult to read. Nancy JF

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