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Green Valley 1960s condo development

Mr. F and I are staying with his parents in Green Valley, Ariz., a community south of Tucson known mainly for its retiree population.

Though in the past, Mr. F's parents have rented places for one to two months in the winter, this winter they opted for two weeks.

We're staying in this 1960s condo development, The Villas, originally meant to house retired teachers.
The condo layout is nice with all one-story, four unit structures. The condos are small 700 square-feet with one or two bedrooms. The condo structures are in rows of three with the two outside structures abutting access roads.

The map below helps explain how the whole development is laid out:

On every third or fourth block, there's a structure devoted to laundry facilities. My in-laws lucked getting a place right next door. Each block has plenty of sidewalks and walking paths with green space at each traffic roundabout. One roundabout has a pool, which may be of use to most of the residents.

Some negatives:
• The development is focused solely on lodging. You have to leave it in order to go grocery shopping or run errands.
• Some people may experience is lack of privacy with the buildings built so close together. There's approximately 30 feet between between buildings.


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Mar. 28th, 2009 06:03 am (UTC)
Green Valley
My former college roommate and her husband used to live in Green Valley--may still be there. I visited once, and found it pleasant.

They owned a two bedroom house with a bath for each bedroom. Adobe fireplace in the living room. They had pebbles instead of a lawn, and cacti, but they were next to a golf course and that was green grass.
Mar. 28th, 2009 07:41 am (UTC)
Re: Green Valley
Hi M :)

Green Valley is a neat town.

Last time we were here, we saw one of those green, green golf courses.
They do put an enormous drain on the water supply no matter where you are. Green Valley, like many desert towns, is struggling with its water supply.
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