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Model of Arcosanti
Originally uploaded by annieo76
After Mr. F came back from a late afternoon walk to checkout the farming and garden areas for Arcosanti, he made this now obvious observation: "Soleri (being from Italy) designed Arcosanti to be an Italian hill town." Of course! It's probably been said before, but it didn't occur to me. I guess, like Mr. F, I needed to walk a distance from the city to see the resemblance.

This model is great, because it shows you what Paolo Soleri conceived for the entire city and, in dark gray, what currently exists. People who have been here more than once, note how long it's taking to build. When income is limited and any resemblance to commerce (other than the sale of the Soleri bells) is shunned, such an immense project will take decades to complete.

The longer we stay here, the more we learn about the inner workings of the place. The five-week workshop is the ticket to living and working here. From the few people I've seen working in the construction capacity, it seems like they might not be entirely excited about the work. This doesn't mean they aren't excited about the overall dream. I got the impression the few people I observed were working really slowly. Eh, it's Monday. Plus, it can't be easy working on a construction site in the hot desert sun.

More info. on Arcosanti if you click on the photo of the model.

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