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so much to catch up on ...
... though it's late.
Being w/o wifi for the past two days was frustrating.  

We're caught up with family in the past week. One highlight:
• Mr. F and I got to play host to his dad and stepmom!
That was neat to do. We spent less than 24 hours with them.
Ate dinner at one of the many restaurants in Old Town ABQ,
though this one didn't focus on Mexican food.
For decades, I believed all the restaurants in Old Town
served only Mexican cuisine. It was a nice change.
Though I could eat Mexican food all day long forever.

This morning, Mr. F introduced his dad and stepmom
to one of his favorite ABQ restaurants, The Frontier.

A neat side note: For more a year and a half,
Mr. F has been trying to recreate The Frontier's green chile stew.
He's done such a great job, we've decided we love his version
better than The Frontier's!

• One family member highly recommended we try the green chile stew
at Horseman's Haven (yelp's down) in Santa Fe. Mr. F's been wanting to go for the past few days.
The one fact which slipped my mind was this chile is considered the hottest in the area.
Yikes. Tomorrow, we might go there for breakfast, before heading east to Oklahoma.

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