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More on Madrid, N.M.

Updated April 16

As noted in a tweet,
Easter Sunday,
Mr. F and I happened
upon the unincorporated,
anarchistic town
of Madrid, N.M.,
while driving along
NM-14, the Turquoise Trail,
on our way to have dinner
with my niece and her husband
in downtown Santa Fe.

We ended up walking into
the Mine Shaft Tavern.
An excellent change decision.
We were planning to stay
as long as it took to get
a quick bite to eat.

However, a band, The Rue-Barbs Band,
was setting up to perform.

Mr. F called my niece to see if they would
enjoy meeting us there. Yes! they would.
We stayed until the band ended their performance.
About five hours.

(fuzzy photos shot with my new cellphone. :/)
These guys, most likely like many in the Madrid community, are characters. Very fun. Very talented. Check out the homemade bass the cowboy hat man, aka Len, is playing. The main dude, Jim Almand, is the guitarist and vocalist on the right. Thomas "Blues" Udhe (sp?), the harmonica player, recommended we get their CD, "Going Home."

Among a plethora of art galleries in Madrid, I discovered The Johnsons of Madrid., definitely a top-notch one.

Mel and Diana Johnson, the husband and wife team behind the gallery, both graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago. After graduation, the husband taught at the institute. I believe his wife began her fashion design career. He focused on painting and drawing, while his wife received her degree in fashion design. They've lived in Madrid for decades, seemingly providing some stability in a community of free-spirits. They remind me of a low-key version of Charles and Ray Eames.

I was so excited about their gallery, I coaxed (hard) Mr. F to go over there and check it out and possibly meet Diana. Mr. F is quite critical about art and artists of all mediums. He came back to the Mine Shaft Tavern praising their collection.

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