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Commuter train between Santa Fe and ABQ

Mr. F and I have been in Santa Fe since yesterday.

Leaving tomorrow.

We've been staying on Cerrillos Road just southwest of where the ABQ/Santa Fe commuter train crosses. Last evening on the way to dinner with my cousin and her husband, we got stuck in traffic waiting for the rush-hour commuter train to cross. We waited at least 10 minutes. There seemed to be something wrong with the crossing signals. We didn't see the train until it passed, which took a minute (I'm guessing). We didn't know we were waiting for the commuter train.

Are you wondering why I'm sharing this?

I said to Mr. F, "Wouldn't it be cool if we're waiting for the commuter train to cross?"
Think about it: Rush-hour car traffic piling up on either side of the train track waiting for the commuter train to pass. I love the message. Commuters are priority, which they should be.

The same thing happened this evening as Mr. F was driving back to our motel room. The wait was much less time, yet the point remains. Ride the train. You'll get home faster.

More on the commuter train in the Santa Fe area
Near downtown historic Santa Fe, the city has created a beautiful 13-acre park at the Santa Fe Depot/Railyard station. Also, there is a farmers' market, restaurants, galleries and retail stores. The design, alone, is an excellent example of great design and urban planning.

While we were in ABQ, I hoped we would be able to take the commuter train to Santa Fe and back. Unfortunately at this point, times are limited and the train doesn't run on weekends.

Santa Fe Depot/Railyard station
Photo courtesy of brunoboris
via flickr

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